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Guide Educational Consultancy work with schools, colleges and education organisations to provide a range of support services and expertise on topics from Teaching and Learning Refinement, Behaviour Management implementation, policy and practice, Technology in classrooms, and SMT support amongst  many other areas. We specialise in bringing our broad collection of experience and expertise to your setting, to help you pin-point and plan your steps to success. Our consultants are experienced within education change management and leadership, allowing us to provide you advice and guidance that is industry leading.


We are experts in teasing out solutions to issues common in education or devising bespoke plans that will improve your organisation or institution. We have guided head teachers and senior managers through successful Ofsted inspection, accreditation bids and funding applications. If you are looking for consultants with experience of implementing lasting change for the benefit of education, teachers, students and education leaders, then please look ahead at the services we provide.





What We Can Do For You




Developing or moving your curriculum on

How effective is your curriculum? Guide consultants can support you by leading Professional Development Days, working with curriculum leaders or working on planning with individual teachers.


We have excellent examples of how you can bring your curriculum to life and these ideas can easily be adapted to meet your needs.

Let us work with you on introducing the Learning Challenge Curriculum into your school.



How effective are your assessment arrangements?

If you require any support in fully implementing effective assessment arrangements, we can work with you and your staff to evaluate this and ensure improvement.




Ofsted preparedness

Issues such as writing self-evaluation statements will still be a priority in schools, as will be making amendments to your monitoring systems. Again, this is where Guide Education can be very helpful to you. Our consultants are experienced at preparing schools and education settings for Ofsted inspections helping you to achieve the inspection grade that you wish.




Improving teaching and learning

Let Guide Education help you as you continue to bring teaching to life and develop effective strategies for individual departments and school-wide teaching and learning.






In addition, we can provide support in other areas, such as:

• Website Compliance

• Working with your governors

• Getting ready for EY inspection

• Bringing the teaching of English to life

• Mastery and Depth within teaching and learning











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Guide Educational Consultancy has a strong reputation for delivering high quality training and consultancy. The schools we work with return to us time after time, knowing that they will receive a bespoke service delivered by high quality people who care. Guide consultants will take the time to find out exactly what you want and how you want it delivered.


Regardless of where you are as a school, academy, college or training provider we can guarantee that working with a member of the Guide team will make a difference. All our team members have a wealth of experience in a wide range of contexts; all chosen because they are excellent communicators with high level interpersonal skills.


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